Continuous Control with Natural Motion

Qi leads the way in emerging technologies that combine human motion and our surroundings.

Tengi™ UI for Mobility

Tengi™ is a suite of apps for mobility using Never Lift a Finger™ technology. Learn More

EyeZ™  Eyes Plus Motion

Use the space between the user and display for a new user interface experience.Learn More


Qi’s set of patent pending predictive algorithms that anticipate user intent. Learn More

Motion is a Part of the User Experience

Qi knows motion and intuitive interfaces -our mission is to develop state of the art motion user experiences – UXs – that create natural, intuitive interfaces for wide-ranging applications, from personal mobile devices to home automation to assistance for the disabled. At the heart of our technology are proprietary and patented methods for understanding motion and using it to select and dynamically control interface elements and to even anticipate the user’s intent.

Motion and Sensor Fusion

The Qi development team is based in Austin, Texas and has over 50 years of combined user interface and sensor experience among our industry veterans. In addition to understanding motion, our long work in this field has led to new key usability concepts such as Precognition™ (making the interface react to user intent) and Never Lift A Finger™ (eliminating wasteful and non-ergonomic tap-lift-tap sequences).

girljumping1We work with OEMs to deliver custom software that intelligently manages one or more sensors, including touchscreens, accelerometers, in-air motion detectors and camera-based eye trackers, and abstracts them to an integrated programming interface layer for application developers. Examples include our Tengi™ suite that changes mobile device touchscreen interaction from tap-lift-swipe-lift-tap-lift… to an unbroken continuous motion where the user never lifts his finger, or our work on EyeZ™ that adds in-air motion detection to camera-based eye tracking to eliminate the problem of unnatural delays for user command confirmations.

Quantum Interface Is Human Motion This is more than “gestures” or “pinch-zoom-swipe”, this is continuous control with natural motion. This is more than a single sensor driver or API, this is interpreting motion from multiple inputs.

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