Anchoring to natural movement, we’ve created a universal User Interface that is infinite in possibility yet strikingly simple to use.
By responding to the body’s natural reactions, our software technology cuts straight to the user’s intent, closing the gap between thought and process. We’ve created a universal UI through software that works across any platform or device that changes the immersive user experience that’s unparalleled in today’s market.
It’s the natural extension into the new digital frontier.


Dynamic & Predictive Motion

Based on Natural Motion

Spatial Awareness

Seamless Experience

Both Touch & Touchless

Eye Tracking

Imagine your device or technology today more intuitive, more intelligent. By utilizing existing sensor technology, our software combines three-dimensional movement, dynamic and predictive movement, continuous scrolling, selection, activation, attribute controls, eye-tracking and more into one seamless UI. Device constraints or limitations are a thing of the past, granting the user freedom to operate at their pace, in their way, creating a fundamental shift in user engagement.

This is all done while using less processing power and increased performance speed.

Of course, seeing is believing.


Using existing sensor technology, we’ve crafted a UI that brings a 3D Experience to 2D technology. Your brain doesn’t operate in 2D, so why should you with your devices?

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Enabling developers to provide a touchless intent confirmation with eye motion in a 3D environment. Literally predicting your intentions with the glance of an eye.

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Anticipating a user’s intent to give a significantly more intuitive and natural experience.

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The Quantum Interface headquarters is located in the progressive, tech-savvy city of Austin, TX. Our secret sauce includes a variety of patents, limited design potential, secure values, an experienced team of groundbreaking innovators.
We believe User Interface technology should not only make life easier but also be more intuitive. We believe in the element of ‘surprise and delight’ with our universal software design. Our software technology revolutionizes the user experience with responsive, exponential enhancements of speed, scrolling, navigating, selecting and managing content. The dynamic predictive motion interface is designed to be agnostic by working with any device or system, regardless of the sensors installed or type of touch or touchless environment. It can be also added to any application or operating system through implementing via our apps and SDK.