Transforming the Human Interface

Qi leads the way in emerging technologies that predict human motion.

UI for Mobility

Qi offers a suite of apps for mobility using Never Lift a Finger™ technology. Learn More

EyeZ™  Eyes Plus Motion

Use the space between the user and display for a new user interface experience.Learn More


Qi’s set of patent pending predictive algorithms that anticipate user intent. Learn More

Motion and Sensor Fusiongirljumping1

We work with OEMs to deliver custom software that intelligently manages one or more sensors, including touchscreens, accelerometers, in-air motion detectors and camera-based eye trackers, and abstracts them to an integrated programming interface layer for application developers.

Quantum Interface Is Human Motion

This is more than “gestures” or “pinch-zoom-swipe,” this is continuous control with natural motion.

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